About Submissions

By submitting reports or photographs you agree to these being posted on the site. Copyright to any photographs remains with the photographer (not necessarily the owner of the camera – if you hand your camera to someone else to take a photo, then that person owns the copyright to the resulting image*).

Please provide a brief description of any photographs submitted, and the name of the photographer, if it wasn’t you.

You may use the Submit a Walk Report form to send in your  report after a walk, this will go  to the Press Officer for inclusion (with editing if required) in the Linlithgow Gazette report, and it will be added automatically to the Walk Reports blog, normally within an hour. If you have a suitable photo, please attach it to the form, it will be included in the blog entry as a “Featured image”.

Your email address will never be published on this site.

* This applies only to human photographers. A recent court case has established that monkeys and other animals cannot own copyright, even if they take the photo.