Downloading photos

Photos attached to walk reports are copyrighted by the photographer, but you may save copies for your own personal use.

To download a photo, right-click on the thumbnail at the foot of the report, and from the menu which pops up, select “Download Linked File” or “Download Linked File As…” in Safari, or “Save target as” in Windows 10 Edge, or “Save link as…” in Firefox. Other browsers may use slightly different terminology but the result will be the same.

The image will then be saved to your “Downloads” folder, or whatever other location you selected.

Please note that photos are stored on the server with a maximum dimension of 2048px. If you require higher resolution you will need to contact the photographer, who is always credited in the caption attached to the photo.

You must also contact the photographer if you wish to use the photo for any other purpose such as publishing elsewhere on the world wide web, or in printed material, and obtain permission for that use.