Filling in the Offer of Walk Form

Most of the fields on the form should be self-explanatory, but here are some notes which you may find helpful. If you haven’t used the form before you may wish to print this page for reference. All items marked * must be completed before the form can be sent.

  • Your name:* Please give the name of the walk leader. If there are joint leaders, please list both names, e.g., “Janet & John Smith”, or “John Smith & David Jones”.
  • Telephone No.:* This is required for the TRAIL, please provide your land line or mobile number, or both, as you prefer.
  • Your choice of contact details for the Ramblers web sites: You can leave this blank if you don’t want your contact details on the web sites. You might choose to put your first name only, or just a telephone number. Whatever you put here will be copied to the web site entry just as you typed it, so don’t type “Same as above” or “Please leave blank” or anything like that, as that will not make sense when on the web site. This applies to both the Linlithgow and Ramblers UK web sites.
  • Title of Walk:* This will form the start of the TRAIL entry. Please keep it fairly concise. You can provide more detail in the “Longer description and any additional information” box if required.
  • Longer description and any additional information: Please provide further details if required, and any other information which may assist the Walk Convenor, or which you wish to be included in the walk description in the TRAIL – e.g. “Car shuttle involved,” or “Rough terrain, some steep ascents,” and so on. Text enclosed in square brackets “[…]” will be excluded from the TRAIL entry automatically, and will only be seen by the Convenor and Programme Secretary. A maximum of 400 characters can be entered in this field.
  • Day of week:* Please indicate whether you would like the walk to be scheduled on a Wednesday, or weekend (Saturday/Sunday), Saturday only, Sunday only, or if you require another day please select “Other, see notes” and give details in the box on the right. Please also use this box to list any exclusions (e.g., if you have holidays planned), or preferred dates. Any information entered here will be used by the Convenor to schedule the walk, but will not appear in the TRAIL. This field is limited to 250 characters.
  • Grade:* Walk grades depend on walking distance, ascent, and to some extent the terrain and the season of the year. A walk which would be Grade A in summer might become a Grade A+ in winter when snow and ice may require the use of ice axe and crampons. As a rough guide:
    Up to 4 miles/6.5 km at a slow pace on level ground
    Up to 7 miles/11 km at a leisurely pace on good paths and tracks. Low hills and/or undulating ground
    Up to 7 miles/11 km at a leisurely pace with some ascent or over roughish ground
    Up to 10 miles/16 km moderately demanding with hills generally on tracks or paths at a moderate pace
    Up to 12 miles/19 km similar to B but more strenuous with longer distances and/or ascent of more than 450m/1500ft
    Slow A
    Same as A but taken at an easier pace and with more rest stops
    Up to 15 miles/24 km steep ascents and descents often over very rough terrain at a demanding pace
    Up to 15 miles/24 km or longer, as above at a more demanding pace and frequently with exposure and possibly requiring equipment such as ice axe and crampons

    Please remember that these are only guidelines, and you should use your own judgement when deciding on the grade. You should take into consideration the season, terrain, steepness of ascent, presence or absence of paths or tracks, and so on.

  • Walk Length:* Please enter the walk length in either kilometres or miles. Please enter only numbers, with a decimal point if required. When you enter one of the units, the other will be calculated for you automatically, with rounding to the nearest 0.5 km or 0.25 mile. If you want a range such as “3 – 4 miles”, please enter one of the higher values as a negative number, for example -4 in miles will give you a range of “5 – 6.5km/3 – 4 miles”.
  • Ascent: If possible please give the total ascent (not simply the altitude of the highest point on the walk) in either metres or feet. Please enter only whole numbers. When you enter one of the units, the other will be calculated for you automatically, rounded to the nearest 5m or 5ft. If there is little or no ascent, leave these fields blank, then “Ascent minimal” will be assumed.
  • OS Sheet:* If known, please give both the Landranger (1:50,000) and Explorer (1:25,000) sheet numbers, e.g., 65/349. At least one Sheet Number is required. Please do not put any text into this box – it will be discarded when the TRAIL entry is constructed. If you wish to list Harvey’s or other map names, please put this into the “Longer description and any additional information” box.
  • Start Point Grid Reference: If possible give the OS Grid Reference of the start point, to assist those who wish to go directly to the start of the walk. Please include the two-letter prefix and 6 digits, so that the Grid Reference can be used to link to the start point on web site This item is optional, leave it blank if you don’t have the information.
  • Depart from:* Walks normally depart from the car park behind the West Port Hotel. You may also opt to meet at Linlithgow Railway Station if travelling by train, or at Linlithgow Cross for Sunday afternoon walks. For any other departure point, please give details in the “Longer description and any additional information” box.
  • Departure time: Your choice. Please take into consideration the journey time to the start of the walk, the length of the walk and the hours of daylight in winter. You can leave this box empty if you want the Convenor to decide. The preferred format is hh:mm, e.g. 08:30.
  • Email address:* This will only be used to return a copy of the formatted slip to you for your records. If you enter the address incorrectly, you won’t receive it! If for some reason you would prefer not to be sent an acknowledgement, use an email address which starts with “noreply”, for example “”.

When you click on “Send”, you will be warned if any required items are missing, and you will be able to fill these in and try again. When the form has been sent successfully, it will go to the Programme Secretary’s mailbox. You should receive an acknowledgement, with a copy of the formatted slip attached for your records, within 24 hours. It is NOT necessary to send a printed copy of the slip to the Walk Convenor as they will have been sent a copy by email.

If you find that you still need help with the form, please phone the Programme Secretary (Sandy Janas) on 01506 670893 or email for assistance.
For new walk leaders, there is a document which may be useful called “Hints for Walk Leaders”, this can be found on our Downloads page.